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Get online and grow with the most scalable, cost-competitive hosting solution in North America – specifically designed to power cryptocurrency, and blockchain application.

About BginUsa

BginUsa is meeting the growing demand for scalable, cost-effective digital infrastructure solutions for highly specialized computing needs. Driven by trusted leaders with deep experience in data centers, technology, and energy; the company is redefining how services are delivered for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other distributed computing applications. With a consistent yet interruptible load profile, BginUsa works collaboratively with power providers in support of developing an intelligent grid that relieves congestion, promotes renewables, and strengthens the stability of local power markets.

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Why BginUsa?

  • 01Competitive Rates

    BginUSA offers a competitive rate for hosting solution to miners of any size.

  • Mining hosting is measured by billing prorated to your consumption, so you never pay more than what you consume.

  • Your wallet is directly connected to your miner and you receive 100% of your mining proceeds.

  • As our mining facilities are located in the United States, our mining operation is protected by a stable and predictable political environment.

  • You are welcomed to have an on-site visitation to our facilities, located in Shenzhen, China, and Omaha, USA.

  • We can design a personal plan for every customer to address any concerns they have.



1. FREE ASIC Setup

2. Basic Configuration

3. Basic Repairs (hash board and fans replacement)

4. Technical Support (24/7, miner diagnostic, physical reboot if needed)

5. PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

6. Cooling (specialized passive cooling infrastructure)

7. Cabling

8. Internet

9. Shelving


Step 1: Contact us at [email protected] for any hosting request.

Step 2: On-site due diligence if you would like to ( You can also choose to skip this step).

Step 3: Sign the contract.

Step 4: Send your equipment.

Step 5: Start mining.



Contact Us

With increased competition and demand, mining companies face the challenge to drive down costs and drive up efficiencies. BginUsa helps organizations drive maximum ROI and miner efficiency in our U.S.-based hosting facilities.


110 Ida St Omaha, NE 68110


+1 402 819 8989

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